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A Healthy Dip Utilizing Fresh Veggies

A healthy dip utilizing fresh and local veggies straight from the produce bag (after a quick trip to the wash sink)! I love creating dips for either a small party, as a snack, holidays, or as part of a charcuterie board. Additionally, you can make this a day ahead of time or the morning of, just keep refrigerated until ready to use. Items to dip: vegetables, whole grain crackers, or…

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Appetizer/ Side Dishes

Roasted Butternut & Apple Crostata

What is a crostata? A rustic pastry of rolled out dough in a circle, piled with a sweet or savory filling in the center. Once the filling is in, the edges of the dough are folded over the filling about one inch. This leaves the beautiful middle exposed for presentation. A free form pastry that requires no tin or pie plate. You can certainly use one if you want, but…

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