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Side Dishes/ Vegetarian

Romanesco Broccoli

When I first laid my eyes on this beauty, I was walking a farmers market and its triceratops look and chartreuse color stopped me dead in my tracks! Its look says intimidation, but its flavor is all buttery and smooth. Part of the brassica family (you know the brussel sprouts, kale, and cauliflower), this dish is so effortless in its prep, but its so full of flavor and tang. Romanseco’s…

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Dinner/ Side Dishes

Easy Pinto Beans From Scratch

Sun Produce Co-op is able to offer dry pinto beans all year round here in AZ. The Co-op buys them from both Crooked Sky Farms and Bonita Bean Company located in Willcox, Arizona. Cooking beans from scratch has a ton of advantages. Not only is it cost effective and delicious, but you can better control the ingredients as compared to commercially canned beans. If you’ve never cooked beans from scratch…

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